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Insulated Garage Doors Online Information

An insulated garage door can create a stable, dry, warm atmosphere all year round as well as vastly increasing the security, soundproofing and weather sealing properties of the garage door, protecting from dust, vermin, leaves and rain.

There are many options of insulated garage doors to choose from each with their own unique features and visual appearance. By the very nature of the design of insulated doors they are also generally very secure and have stronger panels by design always offering excellent durability.

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New for 2013!
Insulated Side Hinged Garage Doors

carteck insulated side hinged doors

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  Overlap Garage Doors
The ultimate in luxurious and secure garage doors the Silvelox is totally unique in looks, operation and construction.

Silvelox garage door with pedestrian door inset

   Vertico Garage Doors
The very modern and practical solution for a high quality round the corner garage door system requiring very little headroom inside.

Vertico round the corner insulated aluminium garage door

  Carteck Sectional Garage Doors
High quality sectional garage doors from a leading German manufacturer offering wide range of sizes, styles and finishes.

Cardale Carteck insulated steel sectional garage door in white

  Hormann LPU40 Sectional Doors

The largest choice of sectional garage doors available in the UK from one of the world's leading manufacturers of garage doors.

Hormann lpu 40 sectional decograin

Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Doors
The no.1 insulated aluminium electric roller garage doors system available in the U.K. today, Seceuroglide has it all to offer.
Leading edge technology and safety as standard and all made to order.

Seceuroglide insulated roller doors

Sectional Insulated Garage Doors

LPU40 42mm double skinned insulated garage door panels

Sectional Insulated Garage Doors

  • Slideaway track design maximising
    available space and avoiding swing out. Optimization of drivethrough width and height.
  • Standard patterns or design options in steel and timber. 20mm,42mm and 45mm panel thickness. CFC free foam filled sandwich core.
  • Uses all available height to
    accommodate high roofed vehicles
  • One of the highest levels of insulation available with very low U values achievable.
  • Weatherseals built into the frame and panels for the best protection.
  • Hormann, Garador, Carteck, Novoferm, SWS and Wessex doors supplied.

Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Doors

aluminium insulated double skin slats

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

  • Suitable for all shapes of garage opening as the door does not travel through the opening.
  • Vertical opening allowing close parking both inside and outside.
  • Wide range of standard powdercoat colours, 20 plus wood-grain laminate options
  • Standard sizes or purpose made up to 5400mm wide and 3000mm high
  • Much larger sizes available on request for domestic or commercial use.
  • Manually operated versions available in limited size ranges.
  • Extra security offered with the strength of the individual slats from double skinned construction.

Around the Corner Insulated Garage Doors

Vertico aluminium round the corner garage doors

Round the Corner Doors

  • Slidaway mechanism enabling total usage of height and width to maximise drive through sizes. Minimal headroom required internally.
  • Available in virtually any width in timber. GRP and insulated steel and aluminium panels.
  • Standard designs or create your own design in timber with the latest timber routing technology.
  • Vertico garage doors offer an insulated aluminium option with many fully finished colours. Remote control operation as standard.
  • Manually operated timber and steel round the corner doors available from Rundum Meir.

We can supply and deliver any type or make of insulated garage door anywhere in the U.K. mainland.

We will also ensure you get the right size, operating gear and finishes.
Just provide your requirements and let us do the rest.


We can upgrade certain Hormann and Garador up and over garage doors with insulating backing to the rear of the door panels and supply either floorseals or bottom edge garage door seals to help reduce heat loss inside the garage. 
 Insulated door panels

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DIY Installation and self build

If you want to buy Seceuroglide insulated roller doors, Hormann or Carteck sectional garage doors online for DIY installation why not go to www.garagedoorsonline.co.uk and check out the direct low prices.


Insulated garage door panel and weathersealThe demand for insulated garage doors is increasing year on year as so many garages are now used for many other purposes other than storing a vehicle. Integral garages are also a big source of heat loss to the main house if the garage door is not insulated and draughty.

Insulated garage door - warmth inside your garageWhether the garage is used as a workshop, an office, playroom, gymnasium or games room, the door opening needs protection against wind, rain,dust and leaves etc. Security generally comes as standard with insulated garage doors.

Remote control garage door for insulated doorsManual or remote control operation, the very latest in garage door mechanisms are used for a smooth, safe garage door - whatever the size or type of garage door system. Homelink and IO-homecontrol systems are also available.